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Thank You to all our volunteers

The last two years have been very different for all of us and it has affected the way we have been able to support local carers. The Covid restrictions made it very difficult to provide services face to face which, when you’re dealing with carers is probably exactly what they need. But even in the most trying of times our wonderful volunteers have been able to offer support, be it though formal phone counselling or a friendly familiar voice to help make sense of things.

Many people took stock during the pandemic and made life changing decisions and the fact that so many of our volunteers have chosen to continue working with us as we resume our services is testament to their commitment - thank you so much for sticking with us.

If you have been thinking about volunteering, volunteer week is the perfect time to take the plunge. We have a range of volunteer opportunities and we would love to hear from you to discuss how you can get involved.

Let’s celebrate ALL volunteers this Volunteers Week June 1st- 7th for all the fantastic work they do in our local communities, they are worth their weight in gold.


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