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About Us

Carer Support West Cumbria provides support to carers who look after a family member, relative, friend or neighbour who could not manage without their help.

The organisation provides services to carers in the districts of Allerdale and Copeland in the county of Cumbria.

Mission Statement

To support and improve the quality of life of Carers in West Cumbria.

Our Vision

It is the organisation’s vision that unpaid Carers in West Cumbria have full access to services to support them in their caring role, fulfil their own needs as individuals and have services in place to help them move forward when their caring role comes to an end. Carer Support West Cumbria aims to gain recognition of the contribution Carers make to society.

Values & Principles

Carer Support West Cumbria is an ethical, caring organisation that recognises the importance of having strong values to adhere to:

  • Communication – to help raise the profile of Carers and awareness of issues facing Carers

  • Partnership– working in conjunction with third sector and statutory organisations to improve support and services for Carers; maintaining membership of the Carers Trust

  • Diversity – to increase and widen the range of services offered, benefiting the varied range of Carers requiring support

  • Quality – maintaining the BS: ISO 9001 quality mark to ensure delivery of a quality, beneficial service

  • Empowerment – working in a person centered way; empowering Carers to fulfill their own needs and have control of their lives

  • Optimism – believing in the strength and abilities of the staff and volunteer team to meet our mission statement and achieve our vision

To help achieve the mission statement and realise the vision, the organisation adheres to business principles:

  • Commercial outlook – to flourish in a difficult economic climate the organisation needs to apply business skills and commercial principles and establish a project to self generate funds

  • Contracting – explore and realise contracting, partnership and consortium opportunities that advance the interests of the organisation

  • Invest in People – ensure business development capability and recognition of the commercial outlook is embedded across the staff team and Board; recognise and develop the skills inherent in the organisation; valuing existing team members and recruiting new people to complement as demand increases

  • Plan – review existing and analyse potential service provision for on-going viability; utilise business and financial analytical tools and maintain a risk management strategy

  • Focus – retain the support and wellbeing of Carers as the key focus; implement good practice; seek and consider the views of service users and key stakeholders.

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