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Helping You

Children and Young People who have to help look after other family members are often called “Young Carers”.  You may be someone who looks after a parent with an illness or disability, or a younger sibling.

We know that caring for someone at home can have a big impact on your own education, health and social life.

Caring may affect your school work and ability to concentrate. Maybe you find it difficult to find time to study or get to school on time because of the things you need to do as a carer. Or perhaps you feel tired, stressed, or feel bad about yourself.

Our support workers can help you by providing you with someone to chat to in confidence, and who can give you information and advice as you need it.

We organise trips and activities where you can meet other young carers and have a break away from your caring role.

We can ensure you are supported in school to help you with your education.

If you would like more information or just to chat contact us.

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Young Carers Leaflet
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