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Why support Carer Support West Cumbria?

There are an estimated 18,000 unpaid carers in West Cumbria, caring for family members and friends who would not be able to manage without their support.

Carers like 15 year old Kate who cares for her Mum who has depression and liver damage from alcohol abuse. Kate has to look after her young siblings and is struggling with her exams. Kate would like to go to university but is worried about leaving her family behind.

Carers like Alan, who is 76 and cares for his wife Julie, who has dementia. Alan has arthritis and worries about leaving Julie alone to attend medical appointments.

We support many carers like Kate and Alan. The money we receive from donations is used to fund trips and activities such as relaxation sessions, shopping trips and cinema visits. For more information on the support we can offer to carers click the links below:


Your support can help us to help carers.

£5 could pay for a Young Carer like Kate to go on a Cinema Trip with other Young Carers, to give her a much needed break.

£10 could pay for a Carer like Alan to attend a Relaxation Session with a trained therapist, to help reduce stress levels.

£30 could help pay for a Young Carer to attend a day trip to the zoo or a theme park.

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If you would like to fundraise for us, please contact us with your ideas or for more information: 

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