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Plan for Emergencies

Peace of mind in case of an emergency.

Do you worry about what would happen to the person you care for if you are caught up in an emergency?

  • What if you are rushed to hospital due to your own health problems

  • You could be unexpectedly delayed returning from holiday

  • Perhaps your car breaks down


Have you considered a Carers Emergency Card?

The Cumbria Carers Emergency Card scheme is designed to give reassurance. It gives you the opportunity to develop an Emergency Plan covering a 72 hour (3 day) period. This plan can be activated with one phone call (to a 24 hour response centre) if an emergency occurs and you are unable to look after the person you care for.

You will be given a Carers Emergency Card, the card has the phone number of the response centre, your name and the unique reference number that is linked to your Emergency Plan. You must then keep the card with you, it is about the size of a credit card and so is easily carried in a purse or wallet.

In an emergency the details on the card would alert the emergency services or anyone else present that they must ring the response centre. This is particularly important if, due to the situation, you are unable to communicate this yourself.

The response centre would use the unique reference number from the card to identify you and your personalised plan and then make sure the person you care for is looked after according to this plan.

How do I apply for a Carers Emergency Card?

If you are not currently registered with us you can self-refer to our service either by using the online form here or by calling us on 01900 821 976.

If you are already registered with us but do not have an Emergency Card just give us a call on the number above or email

Once your referral has been received one of our Carers Support Workers will come and discuss the scheme and help to develop your Emergency Plan with you.

Read our Emergency Card FAQ's here.

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