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Need tech help at home?

Over the last 18 months many of us have found ourselves thrust into the world of virtual events and technology.

Whether you have embraced this new world with open arms, or been dragged into it kicking and screaming, there has definitely been a steep learning curve for many people.

Knowing where to turn for help with getting online, or staying online, can be just as daunting. There are so many horror stories about fraudsters pretending to offer support only to help themselves to your information.

AbilityNet is a registered charity who provide a range of free services for disabled people, their family and friends, their employers and other people who care for them. These services include IT support for disabled and older people at home which can really take the stress out of error messages.

They can also help you utilise adaptive technology to support individuals of all abilities to access and engage with websites and apps.

Their ITCanHelp volunteers can support people located anywhere in the UK. They are all disclosure-checked and can help with all sorts of IT (information technology) challenges, from setting up new equipment, fixing technical issues, showing you how to stay connected to family and use online services.

To find out more about how they can help watch the short video here - or download the leaflet below. You can request support by: Using the online 'Request our help' form

  • Calling their helpline on 0800 048 7642 (freephone and minicom) during UK office hours

  • Sending an email to


Ability Net
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