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Helping a Student

Volunteer With Us

You don’t need any special skills or experience to be a volunteer.  We will fully train and support you to ensure you are able to start volunteering with confidence.

To complete an application form click here:

People who make good volunteers often share some of the following qualities:

  • Friendly & approachable

  • Reliable & trustworthy

  • A good listener

  • Caring

  • Enthusiastic

  • Willing to train

  • Have some spare time to share


As a volunteer, you will be a valued and vital member of our organisation. The time you give will help to make a big difference to the lives of individuals.


Copies of our current Volunteer Role Descriptions can be downloaded below, if you want to discuss any of the roles or if you have any specific skills that could be used to offer a valuable service to carers, just call the Volunteer Team on 01900 821976.

Volunteer Application Form for PRINTING
Volunteer Driver Role Description
Volunteer Counsellor Role Description
Volunteer Sitter Role Description
Volunteer Benefits Support Role Description
Volunteer Young Carer Support Role Description
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