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No choice but to care

Monday saw the launch of the Carers Week 2024 report ‘No choice but to care’. The report covers the impact of caring and what support unpaid carers need from UK Government.


The report found that 62% of those who care, or previously provided care, said they had ‘no choice’ in taking on the role because no other options were available. This accounts for 10 million people. Unpaid carers are being forced into impossible situations, with many having to give up or reduce work, or juggle work and care (48%).


The biggest impact found was on mental health, with 63% of current and former unpaid carers saying caring had a negative impact on their mental health, and 24% saying it was ‘very negative’. 53% also said caring has a negative impact on their physical health.


Caring is challenging, and ill-health affects every family at some point. With no robust social care system to turn to carers have no choice but to take on the work, and this has a lasting effect on people.


You can read the report in full here


You can show your support by adding your name to put carers on the map at


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